Our Story

Scrub on the Run is the only bath sponge travel solution on the market. This innovative new product is a unique way to drain, store, and carry your bath sponge. It can be used for travel or home storage. Our unique design compresses, and helps to maintain the shape of a variety of bath sponges. Scrub on the Run is a new product brought to you by Family Innovators B & F, LLC, a Boston area family owned and operated business.



The idea for a hygienic carrying case for Cindy's bath sponge comes to her in early 2013. While packing her bag after a morning workout, she picks up the plastic bag with her bath pouf. As she looks at the sponge sitting in the dirty water, the idea for Scrub on the Run is born. This prototype is the table centerpiece for the first family meeting of what will soon be Family Innovators B&F, LLC. 

Photo of Cindy's first Scrub on the Run Prototype 

Mid 2013- Provisional Patent Filed

Early 2014- Product Development

The 3D prototype process and development is underway. Scrub on the Run has many design modifications to perfect the three-part design to optimize storage, drainage, and compression of a bath sponge.

One of the first rounds of 3-D Prototypes Family Innovators had created

Early 2015- Making Progress on Product Development

The first functional prototypes are made and the Family Innovators team is able to experiment with water and bath sponges.

The first functional Prototype that was able to test functionally using water.

April 2014- Non-Provisional Patent Filed

2015-2016- Fine tuning of Scrub on the Run

The team continues to work on all that’s involved in bringing an invention to the consumer. Including; marketing, IT, security, logistics, and many other components.

Our president showing us the numbers, aka "Important Stuff"

January 2016- Tooling manufacturing begins

The manufacturing process of the metal tooling begins at F&M Tool and Die Company in Leominster, Massachusetts. Thank you Mike and Mark!

 Our tool fully assembled and ready to produce Scrub on the Run!

March 2016- Finalizing Our Product

The team continues to plan for production of Scrub on the Run at many long weekend meetings

Our team working hard at various meetings.

April 2016- Our First Production Run!

Scrub on the Run comes off the assembly line at First Plastics Corporation in Leominster, Massachusetts! Thank you, Al!

President and CEO, Cindy Beauregard was featured on The Today Show as a contestant for The Next Big Thing competition. Chosen from thousands of entries, our invention was one of the nine finalist  for the Next Big Thing competition. The Today show voters loved our product so much it is now featured on QVC!

Mom finally has a container for her bath sponge!

Cindy pitching our product Scrub on the Run on The Today Show.